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    the victory of Ukraine closer Charitable Foundation "BUCOS Volunteers"


    About us

    Our Charitable Foundation BUCOS Volunteers is uniting volunteers from different regions of Ukraine. We have a common goal - to bring UKRAINE's victory over the russian invaders closer and to help as many people as possible, the ones having suffered and still suffering of the war.

    Our goal is clear, we are investing our time, efforts and money every day since the first days of the war to achieve it. We have already made many trips to Kyiv, Kharkiv, Sumy, Zaporizhia and Donetsk regions, we have brought the necessary assistance to the military, doctors, civilians. We also assist to solve household problems – by arranging dormitories for refugees with children, helping hospitals and educational institutions. We support the soldiers to get the necessary equipment to win.

    You can reach us for help, help the others by transferring funds to our Charitable Foundation or join our team.

    The war is ongoing and we are constantly working on new charitable projects!


    We are helping to

    ChildrenChildren are the future of a free Ukraine. We try to satisfy all requests for helping children as soon as possible. We provide food, hygiene products, medicines. We help orphanages and hospitals.

    The MilitaryWe supply with transport, equipment, ammunition, first aid kits, medicines, clothes, hygiene products and food.

    Civilians and their familiesWe will help everyone in need with BUCOS BOX. This is a box filled in with food and hygiene products, it will help the family for several weeks.

    DoctorsWe are doing everything possible to meet the needs of the doctors in medical equipment and medicines.

    We are uniting
    the best people!



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